How to get WINDOWS 8 Apps for FREE?

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Get Windows 8 Apps for FREE

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Hey everybody, So WINDOWS 8..An another awesome OS by Microsoft for computers and phones, doing fantastic with its ‘Start’ screen and ‘Metro Apps’ and going someway really beyond than those traditional desktops.
Windows 8 also features some really cool applications as well along with a phenomenal UI :D
BUT, with that super functional APP Store, upset with the fact that the apps you like are premium and available on a pay basis?
Not An Issue Anymore! So guys and all the wonderful users and app lovers of Windows 8, let me come to your aid. Today, I am going to tell you the way by which you can get Windows 8 apps for free (ofcourse the paid apps too). Yes those premium apps for FREE!! Follow the basic steps I hereby write to CRACK any Windows 8 Premium App you like!!
However the only issue existing is you can get or say, crack only those premium apps which have a ‘Trial’ version available!
No worries readers, Most of the apps have a trial version available :)

So to get any Windows 8 premium app for FREE, you need some basic tools, Don’t worry they are very easy to use and you can download them from our download section(Search for ST03) or from the links given below:

Steps to get Windows 8 APPS for FREE!!

  1. Download and install wsservice. (Please read the read me file and allow WSSERVICE tool if asked by Windows Firewall or the Antivirus installed in your system).wsservice
  2. Open STORE from start menu and Search for the app you want to download. Make sure the ‘Trial’ is available for it.
    To make this sure and to search fast, simply select ‘Free and Trial’ from the drop down menu at the top (as you see in the image below). This will show you all the apps which have a Free Trial version available. If any app’s got a price tag, then Huraah, the app’s got a trial available and thus the app can be cracked to be upgraded into Full Version app for free.
    st03 (2)
  3. Now click on the app and select try (as shown in the image below). This will start downloading trial version of the app. Wait untill the download is completed.st03 (3)
  4. Now download token extractor and open it.(Don’t forget to read the read me.txt  for the steps and allow Token Extractor  if asked by Windows firewall or your installed antivirus). As it will open it is going to show the app details of all the apps installed along with the license types they have.
  5. Search for the trial version of your app. To do this search for “Trial”. To do this, click on the ‘Search’ button. A dialog box appears. Type for the keyword you want to search for. Search for ‘Trial’ in case you want to crack a app.
    Refer the snapshot below for more details.st03 (4)
  6. Select the App to be cracked by clicking on it and click on ‘Crack it !’ button to crack the desired app to convert it into Full Version app.st03 (5)
  7. So now You are Done :D You have successfully cracked a premium app for free!!
    Enjoy the APP for FREE now!! Cheers (y)st03 (1)
  8. Repeat the steps 2-7 for all your Apps, if in any case you want to crack more apps in future. ;)

*Remember any App you cracked will not receive further updates. To update those app please wait for the next post on “How to update Windows 8 Cracked Apps”. <Working on that..Will post soon about that too :D >

*Please support the developers by purchasing original apps if you can.

Note for Developers:
If you want to protect your App from the above method there are 3 possible ways:

  1.  Don’t give the trial.
  2.  Make two separate Apps one for trial and another for purchasing.
  3.  Use in-game purchase option for full version.


Disclaimer: The above method is for educational purpose only. Techntalks is not responsible for any loss cause due to the above post. Got any query or issue? Either comment or drop us a mail at

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