How to LOCK/UNLOCK Files/Folders on your Windows Computer?

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So Hey guys, Hope You Read my previous post on ‘HOW TO HIDE FILES/FOLDERS ON YOUR COMPUTER?‘ and liked it too :)
Well if you didn’t let me supply you with the link as that was something worth trying!
Well everybody out of us got some data, in any form let it be videos, music, notes or any office document which we just feel like keeping it PERSONAL!! Well, at times we’ve to share our PC or our laptop with our cousins, colleagues and everybody who asks for. And during that call, everybody of us desires for some Folder namely Personal or anything which certainly keeps our confidential and personal data beyond the limits of the one sharing the system. I was also concerned for the same when I came through this technique and found this an efficient one too :D
So hereby I thought of sharing the technique with you. Well the trick again calls for a cmd command and locks the file/folder and shows an error: ‘Access is Denied’. To lock any particular folder, we go on this way:

Step 1>> Press ‘Windows+R’, type ‘cmd’ in the Run dialog box and press Enter.

Step 2>> As cmd windows opens, type the command.
The command is : cacls FolderPath /E /P everyone:n

Example: Like if I want to block a folder ‘Techntalks’ existing in my E: drive , then I write the command in cmd as:
calcs E:/Techntalks /e /p everyone:n
and press Enter.
And thats it. Its done. The folder ‘Techntalks’ is now locked.

Similarly, lock any folder you want not be to be opened by any other guy accessing your computer. This way You can LOCK any FILE/FOLDER on your computer.

Now what if you want to unlock the folder again for yourself to access it!
Simply replace the alphabet ‘n’ in the above command by the alphabet ‘f’ which will give ‘Full Control’ accessibility to the folder/file.
Example: Like, previously when I was done LOCKING the folder ‘Techntalks’, now if I want to unlock it, I’ll write:
cacls E:/Techntalks /e /p everyone:f
Thats it!! Now the folder ‘Techntalks’ is unlocked and can be accessed by anybody.

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Similarly You may try for the other commands too xD


cacls FolderPath /E /P everyone:n  –> to protect the folder i.e to LOCK it.
cacls FolderPath/E /P everyone:F –> Full Control
cacls FolderPath /E /P everyone:R –> Read Access
cacls FolderPath /E /P everyone:w – Write Access
cacls FolderPath /E /P everyone:c – change access

Hope This helped you LOCKING the files/folders on your computer and keeping your data more secure.

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